Sovereign Wealth Creation in the New Timeline

A FREE, two-week program to get you creating the wealth you desire.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we cannot count on the things that we previously viewed as being safe, stable, and secure.


The 9-5 job with benefits is no longer the guarantee we once believed it to be. We have to learn how to do money differently.

That is what I am here to do- free you from financial slavery consciousness. I do not do money the way ANYONE else does because THAT IS WHAT THIS PLANET NEEDS!


My programs are ALL about bringing people into the new wealth paradigm.


The Ouroboros Experience is a completely FREE two-week program to get you started on this journey of deconstructing the money stories that no longer serve you and creating the wealth you desire.

It is by application only because my programs are not fluffy. They are not a walk in the park. I am BRINGING it. I am bringing all the fucking Leah Steele fire, kick-ass energy into this program.


It will be difficult.

It will be hard.

It will be uncomfortable.

Spiritual growth and expansion are uncomfortable and require work by nature. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it! They are not because it requires work, dedication, commitment, going all in, and pushing your boundaries further than you have ever pushed them before.


Are you ready to work harder than you ever have before?


If your answer is YES LEAH, I AM READY TO WORK...


If accepted, you will receive:


✨Four content sessions from me

✨Two group calls with me, so you can experience firsthand what it is like to work with me

✨AND two of my apprentices will each be doing a session as well!



This is a FULL two-week program with me. It is packed with TREMENDOUS value...FOR NO FINANCIAL INVESTMENT.


As such, I want QUALITY people in this program. People that are going to go ALL IN and show up for the full two weeks and give it they're all. People that will come in with an OPENNESS to fully activating abundance in their lives. 

This is not some watered down sales ploy, though I will be promoting my paid programs in the group for those that decide to take their wealth re-patterning NEXT LEVEL. 


I want people ready to move into the new timeline, the timeline where abundance with ease and flow exist. Where the new wealth paradigm exists. The old timeline is shit and if you are choosing to stay there, I honestly have no idea what you are doing with your life.


Ditch the chaos and fuckery that is the old timeline. Embrace the abundance available in the new.

If this sounds like it is made for you and you are currently yelling…




Then keep reading...


I am here to annihilate financial slavery consciousness on this planet, to empower people to take back their financial destinies.

That requires people to get really fucking honest with themselves about what reality they are choosing.

It requires that we take the blinders off.

It requires that we start to look at how we have been controlled and programmed our entire lives.

It requires questioning EVERYTHING we have been told is true.

THIS is what it takes for radical transformation.


My mission is to begin to create cracks in this programming so that the light can begin to shine through, and people can begin to see the programming and control that are EVERYWHERE.




Are you ready for radical transformation?


If so, apply by clicking the button below.


And may the odds be ever in your favor.



No matter what I did, I just could not get past the deep beliefs I held around money and me. Unworthiness and dogma ran the show. 


Well, Leah and Ouroboros changed all that! 


It literally felt like the chains had finally dropped. Everything began to open up for me. Incredible opportunities, an overflow of clients and the money began to pour in!! I had my biggest month ever! She is The God of Abundance! Why would you work with anyone else? She’s the best in her field. She activates that energy within! 


Stop doing the surface bullshit, she goes deep!  


This is the program that releases all the money programming you carry within. This is the best money program there is!



When I heard Ouroboros, it sounded like Bora Bora, a magical land. All I knew is I always felt activated by Leah. Sometimes I thought maybe she was lucky because she looks good with nice eyebrows. I was wrong. Seeing the results in others, and the name pulled me in. I studied with the best around money, except something was missing...  


Insert Ouroboros, and it was what shifted my emotions around money. What sets this program apart is the mother and paternal clears. I studied family systems in college, and nothing prepared me for this. I cried the most in the beginning and doubting it. I committed, and the more I believed the magic started to happen in ways I never dreamed of. Speaking of dreams, I rarely have dreams, and the moment Leah came into my actual dreams, I knew Ouroboros was going to change my life.  


Joining Ouroboros, I gained sisterhood, and I gained conversations that got me out of my head. As a result, I manifested my best month ever in December, I created 2K in one day and started having the best ideas for program offerings. I have signed up for this next round as an alumnus, and I am looking forward to doing Ouroboros again with fresh eyes. I am committed to this program because the PROOF is in the pudding.  


If you are a skeptic like me, there is a science to Leah's methodology that will shift your relationship with money, currency, wealth, and prosperity. Money is your birthright, and when you start waking up to the slavery consciousness, money is only an illusion. Now I have true freedom and want my friends and family to know about this. Thank God for Leah creating Ouroboros. 





I’m Leah Steele - The Wealth Witch. I am a Wealth Alchemist, Spiritual Business Coach, Emotional Resonance Clearing Practitioner, and Soul Diviner.  


My purpose is to inspire and empower missions of people to wake up, repattern their wealth programming, and reclaim their divine right to BE WEALTHY in all areas of their lives. The word wealthy comes from two words WELL and HEALTHY. I teach holistic wealth as a means to simultaneously achieve infinite divine and human potential.  


Part of my divine mission work is to deconstruct the financial slavery consciousness that serves the global financial agenda. My cutting edge wealth repatterning programs are paving the way to a new global wealth paradigm where financial freedom is the reality.  


Financial freedom is unique to each person. Your soul already knows your path. You are here to create a heaven on earth experience. I am honored to create radically transformative containers for you to deconstruct your conditioning around money, repattern your wealth programming, and consciously create a beautiful relationship with money.  


Remember, it is your divine right to be wealthy!  


Join me and create your new wealth paradigm!


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